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Our Apartment in Strasbourg

Tuesday, 14 August 2001

After our exciting trip to Ikea (yes, it is exactly the same in Strasbourg as it is in the City of Industry) netted Ethan a fold-out bed, which is darned comfortable because it uses wooden slats instead of springs. Amazing what $50 will buy. After considerable rearrangement, the room has three zones, complete with shelves for clothes and personal effects. It’s home! Notice the exciting poster of the Eiffel Tower in a lightning storm next to Ryan’s bed. It’s his idée fixe, after all!
We borrowed Brennan’s bed from an American family that has lived in Strasbourg for over a year and was looking for a place to store a bed for the coming year. We were happy to oblige.
Ryan’s bed is a fold-out couch, which is folded up somewhat but which remains the largest of the three beds. This is necessary, since Ryan has so many stuffed animals to take care of, not to mention “Eiffie”, the stuffed Eiffel Tower (seen tipped over on the bed in this photograph—tough night in the bars, I guess).
Since Ikea is the same the world over, we knew we could find the comfy Poäng chairs we love at home. Brennan can attest (and so can I!) that they are just as comfy here, even if the cover is white to match this apartment rather than the black we have at home.
Linda has now managed to overcome her jealousy of my nightstand with a new unfinished pine stand and stylish lamp, featuring an energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb. Now it is my turn to be jealous!
Now doesn’t this look like a French breakfast? Fruit, including some luscious berries, bought at the Tuesday farmers’ market in Place de Bordeaux, one block from the apartment. Note also the new (Ikea) tablecloth (no dry cleaning necessary!).

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