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October 22

Dear all:

Batman and Robin play hot potato.

Well, I feel like this week we spoke a lot and that very soon Grandpa will be leaving the hospital. I think we have all been caught up in the same events for the week. Instead of a hike this week, the boys heartily endorsed the idea of going to the Americans in Alsace Halloween party. They loved being in a room with 60 other kids all of whom spoke English!! They ate too much sugar, but were happy. Peter was particularly bored. I was hoping to have some discussion about the current events, but there was too much candy and kids for that to be possible. It was interesting as we had to bring passports and they checked our names twice to make sure we were on the list.

I started class, and as my parents will find as no surprise I decided that I didn't like any of the classes I originally signed up for and have almost decided on a different schedule. I like one new French class and will probably take an art history/architecture class or a history of Strasbourg class. Anyway, these are like continuing ed. Classes, so NO TESTS.

I hope all is well with everyone else.

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